Tourist Attractions near Herløv Kro​

Herløv Kro is located only 20 minutes away from the center of Copenhagen and close to a lot of top tourist attractions in Copenhagen area. On this page we offer a short list of museums, famous old historic castles, amusement parks, and other top tourist attractions that you should see if you decide to visit Herløv Kro. 

Museums ​

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art​

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is an international museum for modern art. It is located north of Copenhagen in Humlebæk with a beautiful panoramic view of Øresund. The museum was created in 1958 by the owner Knud W. Jensen and the museum shows 6-10 modern art exhibitions a year. The museum has a beautiful garden facing the sea and the museum has a lot of activities for kids and is well suited for wheelchair users.

Ticket price: Adult: 125 DKK, Students: 110 DKK, Kids: Free.

Transport: Car: 30 minutes, Train/Bus: 1 hour 20 minutes

Website and opening hours:

Google maps: Find your way

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art​

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art is located in Ishøj south of Copenhagen. It is a modern art museum with a progressive maritime architecture suited to the rough landscape near the coastline. The museum was opened in 1996 and holds an international collection of more than 600 pieces of contemporary art. Furthermore the museum has a lovely café with beautiful views over the landscape and sea. Photo: ARKEN Museum of Modern Art. By Torben Petersen.​

Ticket price: Adult: 125 DKK, Student: 110 DKK, Kids: Free.

Transport: Car: 20 minutes, Train/Bus: 45 minutes - 1 hour.

Website and opening hours:

Google maps: Find your way

​Historic Places

Kronborg Castle​

Kronborg is a beautiful Renaissance Castle that had its heyday in the 15th century and it is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The Castle is located north of Copenhagen in Helsingør, with a stunning view towards Øresund and Sweden. Kronborg is, among other things, famous for William Shakespeare’s 400 year old play about the danish prince Hamlet that took place on the castle and is now often performed at the castle during high season. This activity is well suited for kids.

Ticket price: Adult: 95-145 DKK, Student: 85-135 DKK, Kids: Free

Transport: Car: 40 minutes, Train/Bus: 1 hour 35 minutes

Website and opening hours:

Google maps: Find your way

Amusement Parks​

The Tivoli Gardens​

The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is a must-see for tourists visiting Denmark. Tivoli opened in 1843 and it is the world’s second oldest amusement park.Tivoli has a beautiful garden, lots of restaurants, shops and activities for adults and children - and it has more than 4.5 million visitors in 2017 from all over the world. Tivoli is amazing to experience throughout the different seasons of the year, as they have amazing decorations and lights for Halloween and especially for Christmas.

Ticket price: See website

Transport: Car: 20 minutes, Train: 30 minutes

Website and opening hours:

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