​Hotel Herlev Kro (Inn) lies in beautifull and peacefull surroundings.

More than 300 years ago, there was given Inn-authorization in Herlev. The Inn can certainly be traced back to 1863 at the present location and has since then housed many people (And animals) for many different festive occations.

Herlev Blacksmith died in battle.

In a note from 1670, you find the harsh story about a battle at Herlev Kro (Which at that time was by the pond) where the gartner and the blacksmith was in a horrible fight, that ended with the dead of the blacksmith.

Herlev gets a new school

The previous owner of the Inn ”Olle Persøn”, adressed himself in 1757 to the King of Denmark ”Frederik V”, together with ten other farmers, to get a school in Herlev.

The result was that Herlev got its first school February the 09th year 1759.

Herlev Kro burns:

From the danish newspaper ”Berlingske Tidene” year 1758, you can read that ”Eight beasts has burned”. At that time there was an agriculture connected to the Inn, and it was apparently some of these poor animals, the newspaper was reffering too.

The wheel-mans house

Olle Persøn dead

The previous owner Olle Persøn dies in the year 1771, In the population census from the same year, the wheel-man was mentioned. His house was by the Pond and can still be seen today. The wheel-man was just one of Herlevs many artisans and he repaired that times finest transportation. The horsewagon. The towns cattles, was at night driven from the open street place by the pond, to where the Cattles drank water from.

Herlev Kro has gone bankruptcy

The 01 Of February 1870, the Inn was bankruptcy.

But the associated travel shed, was still open. In the population census from 01. of February 1870, there is registered to stable lads.

The old garden

”Denmarks only heated patio.”

In the years from 1920 was Herlev Kro known for having Denmarks only heated patio

Here was solo-performances several times a week in the summertime. It was here the Copenhagen citizens, got out when they were going to a ball. Back then, most people was transporting themselves on a bike, or with a bus or maybe behind the boyfriends motorbike? Later the newest hit became bowling alleys and now everybody had to bowl.

The inscription on the bench is:

Of roses you picked

Sprinkle out on your way

But did you find thorns

bring them to me

The patio

The patio was, beside the sensational heating, also equipted with electric lights, fountain and trees for shadow, so you would’nt be ”terrebly burned”

By Australia’s railway to Herlev Kro

In 1951 you could read the following in the countrys newspapers:

”The Capital is eating itself forward. Whether you like it or not, Aspaphalt and concrete is making inroads in the ditch wildflowers flora. Old houses must give way for steamlined blocks. And where there was a litlle Inn, in the country idyll and some kilometres from the capital before. Now Rises large-scale establishment, with modern equiptment and technical finesse, that won't stand in the way for any large restaurant in Copenhagen,”​

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