About Herløv Kro Hotel​

Since the year 1863, an inn has been situated in the village of Herløv, just outside of the main city of Copenhagen.

Now the town is called Herlev, the inn has been equipped with new, modern room, we have one of the area's best restaurants, and modern means of transportation has brought us much closer to the capital of Denmark. That's why the old inn has become the ideal temporary home for guests who want to stay comfortably, in cosy surroundings, with the possibility of having a well-cooked meal, and at the same time being close to many attractions and the activities of the urban area.

The history of the current Herløv Kro can certainly be tracked back to the year of 1863. Since then the inn has been able to survive, which is due to the fact that it's owners has been able to follow the development in the local community. The rapidly growing industries in and around the town of Herlev was the reason and the driver of a major refurbishment and extension of Herløv Kro which was initiated in 1999. The new rooms were completed in April 2002. We can now offer a total of 56 comfortable, functional rooms which all meet the contemporary requirements, but at the same time we have kept a style and design in respect of this historic site.

Herløv Kro Hotel have a restaurant, bar, banquet rooms, and 56 rooms. Visitors can trust, that everything has been done to ensure our 150 years tradition of quality, hospitality, and high-quality delicious food.

To the owners, Jette og Leslie Christensen, who have been running the Herløv Kro Hotel for more then 20 years, it's an active lifestyle of hospitality and service.

Our guests say​

​“The hotel restaurant was fantastic! The food was an excellent surprise to a busy day. The

staff were so friendly and contributed to a great atmosphere :)”

Milos, UK

“It’s always a pleasure to book rooms for my foreign guests while meeting here in

Copenhagen and everybody is asking for the history. I want to stay here next time they all

say. And the restaurant has very good and traditional food. Can be recommended for sure.”

Michael, Denmark

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